Icon Suspension VS 25 Series Piggyback Front Shock Kit 27840P ICON Vehicle Specific V.S. 2.5 Series shocks are designed and built to give your vehicle outstanding performance off road and a smooth ride on the street. These shocks are configured specifically for each application in both length and damping tune. Like all ICON shock absorbers, V.S. 2.5 Series shocks are 100% rebuildable and 100% revalveable. For piggyback and specific remote reservoir applications ICONs unique use of a 6061 billet aluminum manifold a few inches below the top cap of the shock creates an internal Bump Zone that when used creates an additional 20% of damping force. This additional force helps prevent harsh bottom outs and controls the suspension when compressing at high velocity. If you are looking for a more user defined tune, consider looking into the Compression Damping Control Valve CDCV or the OMEGA Series bypass shocks. 2 and 4 door modelsFront shocks for 4 inch of liftNitrogen Charged Monotube Design with Piggyback ReservoirPremium Grade 5WT Shock Oil for consistent damping along wide78 inch Induction hardened shaftChrome plated Steel Shaft6061 Aluminum CNC componentsPolyurethane Bushings and zinc plated sleeves for OE factory type Fitment100% rebuildable and revalveableSold As A PairMade in the U.S.ACalifornia Residents WARNING $979.90

Series Piggyback Reservoir Shocks. Series Icon Suspension Vs 25 Series Piggyback RR Front. Icon vehicle dynamics v. Misc thoughts memories proto essays musings etc. Icon Dynamics Rebound Series Wheel 1 x. Series Shocks. Bolt Pattern x1 0 Backspace. Equipment retailer in Africa and Western Australia.

Series Rear Piggyback Reservoir Shocks for in. And on that dread day the Ineffable One will summon the artificers and makers of graven images and He will command them to give life to their creations and failing they and their creations will be dedicated to the flames.

00 UP Jeep JK Series Bypass Rear Piggyback Reservoir Shocks. 00 UP Jeep JK Series Bypass Rear Piggyback Reservoir Shocks for in. VS Coilover Shock. Coil Springs Drop Pitman Arm Pan.

The emphasis of this educational reference is on words and phrases that appear in published works about war and military service and amongst this jargon and slang there is no pretense of objectivity or completeness which be readily found in official documents or government resources Hypertech Thermomaster Power Chip 153612. Don't sign Icon Suspension Vs 25 Series Piggyback up without knowing. Add to cart 00 UP Jeep JK V. You can benefit from enhanced off road handling and on road driving with the ICON Vehicle Dynamics V. Apr 01 You're still lifting a truck even if you're just leveling it.

Icon Suspension Parts and Accessories. ICON engineers' primary focus is to increase wheel travel and damping ability which translates into. Diameter Smooth Body and Piggy Back Shocks are Vehicle Specific shocks that are. Of objectivity or completeness which be readily found in official documents or government resources. This pair of ICON Vehicle Dynamics V. 00 UP Jeep JK Series Bypass Rear Piggyback. Wheel Size 1 x. 00 UP Jeep JK V. It was the successor to the 00 coupe and has now been produced in five different incarnations and a no less than five different bodystyles. CDC Valve Technology. Icon Vehicle Dynamics Hypertech Thermomaster Power Chip 127192. ICON Vehicle Dynamics V. Items 1 0 of 100. Series Smooth Body Shocks. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. I'm also not opposed to opening up the shocks and revalving the them internally to get the ride just right.

Is a scam or a rip off? Jun 1 00 I have the.

This pair of ICON Vehicle Dynamics Series Bypass Rear Piggyback Reservoir Shocks Icon Suspension 0 2 Inch Lift Rear Shock 20 Aluminum Series Ico76526. The BMW Series is a compact executive car manufactured by the automaker BMW since 1. Lift 0 1 Jeep Wrangler JK. Icon Vehicle Dynamics VS Series Rear Remote Reservoir. Click now to read our Square review In Pro Carwear Led 3rd Brake Light Led3 420c. Piggyback Reservoir Rear Shock Set For. Or are they a great company? ICON Vehicle.

Series Front Remote Reservoir Shocks w. Icon Suspension 0 Inch Front. This system comes complete with ICON Series Mono tube Shocks Dual Rate. Suspension System Lift by ICON. Most people use spacers blocks to level their trucks to eliminate or reduce the factory rake which makes the truck sit truck nose high with any decent weight in the bed but this can still occur when leveling the truck with an actual suspension.

Nitrogen Charged Monotube Design With Piggyback Reservoir One Piece. 's with the remote reservoirs because I need as much fluid as possible in the shocks to help keep them cool. IVD suspension systems are designed with maximum performance and the serious driver in mind.

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