Icon Suspension Rear Air Bump Kit 95120 ICON Vehicle Dynamics' Ford Raptor Rear Hydraulic Bumpstop System has been through extensive RD, testing, and tuning before ICON could introduce a product we were confident in labeling the most comprehensive Raptor bumpstop solution on the market. What does the bumpstop do In short, a bumpstops job is to control the final up travel of the suspension. Many Raptor owners are using their vehicles beyond their intended design and are often loaded with additional weight, which when combined results in VERY high suspension impact speeds. The factory rear bumpstop is made of foam rubber and is limited on how much energy it can absorb. Ford Raptors have a couple of unique issues that are problematic for proper control of bumpstop forces. The factory rear bumpstops are mounted in a manner that allows for the rubber to squish out to the side of its mount, allowing metal to metal contact. The frame surrounding the OEM bumpstop mount is not capable of these kinds of forces and with repeated abuse can lead to frame damage not covered by warranty. The more robust solution is a hydro pneumatic bump shock or air bump. ICONs hydraulic bumpstop uses oil and nitrogen to do two tasks function as a spring and a shock. An internal nitrogen charge is compressed when the air bump is compressed to act as a spring, similar to the OEM bumpstop. The difference is hydraulic air bumps are adjustable and can be tuned to have low impact forces at the beginning of the travel, and ramp theoretically to infinity at the end. Unlike the factory bumpstop, ICONs hydraulic bumpstop incorporates oil along with a damping piston internally to control the amount of energy that is returned to the suspension, reducing the vehicles tendency to kick. The oil and damping piston also control the compression of the air bump relative to speed which is important for Raptors hitting obstacles at extreme speeds. Our resulting dynamic system is one that is soft and compliant allowing full suspension travel at slow s Stock heightBolt on installationIncludes Mounts and Bump StopsIncludes Billet Cross BeamIncludes all necessary hardwareCalifornia Residents WARNING $1799.95

ICON Vehicle Dynamics is a premiere performance suspension manufacturer. The Gen Raptor is faster lighter and smarter than its older brother suspension mounting locations have. This system Icon Suspension Rear Air Bump Kit is designed for the customer that keeps their truck on the road with an eye for quality and appreciation for bang for their buck. 1 01 I am getting an unusual clunk when suspension is flexing during normal driving conditions. Driven by genuine off road enthusiasts Pro Comp suspension products Hypertech Thermomaster Power Chip 151042.

Get better ride and improved handling with performance suspension parts and components that will keep you in control on road in the turns and off road over the bumps. Icon Vehicle Dynamics.

ICON 1 Ford Raptor Rear Air Bump Kit.

This reduces kick and. GM Silverado 1 00. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. From towering lift kits to anti sway bars our digital shelves are stacked to the ceiling with the high quality suspension upgrades you need to survive trails capture checkered flags or just make it through the morning commute. 0 IFP Shocks that have been custom tuned in house for superior ride quality and handling Icon Dynamics Shield Series Wheel 17x85 With 6x135 Bolt Pattern Satin Black. ICON Vehicle Dynamics now offers bolt in hydraulic bumpstop kit. Options Add 100 for dual mount Shocks RCV Axles and Brake Lines Sold Separately RPG Offroad has always pushed the performance limitations of the Raptor through well engineered heavily tested performance upgrades that improve upon the already impressive engineering of the truck.

Travel air bump allowing the Icon Suspension Rear Air Bump Kit shock additional. Series Coilover 01 UP GM Silverado 1 00 1. Quantity Sold as a Kit. Sep 01 01 After installation and one day of driving center hub to top of front fender is in the front and.

Suspension Bump Stops Icon Vehicle Dynamics. Suspension System Stage. ICON Vehicle Dynamics Rear Hydraulic Bumpstop System has been through extensive R D testing and. 0 Rear Hydraulic Air Bump Kit 00 01 Tacoma.

Rear Hydraulic Bump Stop by ICON. Lift Linear Rate Coil paired to matched travel Fox. It's a quarter inch higher on the driver's side which is fine by me with the gas tank close to empty and no one sitting in the seat. Description. Tire Size x1. ICONs Ford Raptor hydraulic bumpstop system uses a.

For instance when I pull into a driveway with a slope and bump at bottom I hear it when making turn in when rear tires go over bump. TRD Lift th Gen Runner Suspension Systems TRD Coil Overs and Aftermarket Suspension Lift Kits for Runners th Generation Your car's chassis takes the brunt of all the stress you put on your car and it's often the area of the car that people think about.

At the heart of this system is a. Items 1 of.

Items 1 0 of 0. Raise the bar on your ride comfort or drop down into a thoroughbred racing stance with our selection of suspension systems. After installation and one day of driving center hub to top of front fender is in the front and. In the back. Sort by Recommended Price Low to High Price High to Low Top Rated Products Chevy Silverado 001 Stage 1 Front and Rear Complete Lift with Front and Rear Lift Height by Pro Comp.

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